Operation Lower Grocery Bill:

My goal for this year is to keep our spending around $675-700/month. I've been tracking our spending for the last 4 years and our groceries has averaged out around $700-750 per month. Over that time we've moved cross country and our family has grown and the kids have started to require lunches at school rather than have them provided by daycare, so technically our price per meal has decreased.

For a bit of context in 2015-2016 we were still living in Quebec where food is assumed to be cheaper than Alberta where we are now. Beginning of 2015 (Feb-May) we had an aupair living with us with some dietarty restrictions that bumped our costs up,

2015 Spending

2016 Spending

 In 2016 we were planning our cross-country move so focused on eating down the pantry and freezers. That really dropped the costs for a couple months. Then July to August we lived with my parents while getting settled and finding jobs. Our "rent" was taking care of the meal planning and groceries so were feeding 2 extra adults. In November we moved into our house and hit our biggest bill to date re-stocking a completely empty house.

So 2017 and 2018 will be the averages I will focus on reducing. Based on a rough average of $745/month for the last two years, I'm going to aim for reducing that to $700. 2018 Spending is a bit inflated as I took advantage of Superstore Point offer requiring spending of $300 to stock my pantry. I also started baking my own bread mid-2017 so I'm curious to calculate how much that saves vs. buying store bought bread. I've guestimated it at about $20/month.
2017 Spending
2018 Spending

So January will start out with  meal planning around the food stocked in the pantry and freezer. I also have $60 worth of points at Superstore that I'll cash in. Frugal game plan: Can I beat my lowest spending of $279 from 2015? 

For reference all household products are included in groceries including toilet paper, kleenex, laundry detergent, dish soap etc.

I don't think my pantry has ever been this stocked.


  1. Our household spends $800/month and I thought that was being kinda frugal. Do you need to do a lot of planning, or flyer searching, prior to grocery shopping? Tell me your secret!! :)


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