Spending re-cap: March 2019

Our spending re-caps for the months will focus only on our variable spending and include the following categories:
  • Family (includes all the stuff we spend on the kids such as activities anything we buy them and their education savings. Any graphs I may post with include daycare, but the numbers will not)
  • Home Expenses (anything we spend on the house for the maintenance, taxes and insurance. I'm not including mortgage payments or interest as that will not be included in our final FI number so I want to be able to track what life costs without that. Keep in mind graphs will include the mortgage, but not in the numbers)
  • Transportation (all car related expenses such as gas, maintenance, insurance)
  • Utilities (heat, water, electricity, Internet, phone and cell phones)
  • Health Spending (Life insurance, dentist other health related costs. This is pretty low because we live in Canada)
  • Enjoyment (Gifts, Entertainment, Vacations, Hobbies, Restaurants, Alcohol, etc.)
  • Routine Expenses (Groceries, Clothing, Sewing, Hair, etc.).
March was another low spend month, which was good as my income is still down since my contract ended. Have a couple prospects so I'm remaining hopeful. And it is nice that we don't really need my income at all. It just hurts paying for daycare when I don't need it at the moment, but appreciate keeping the routine for the kids and saving their spots at places we love for when I'm back at work. 

Here are the numbers:

House Expenses$279,00
Health Spending$22,00
Total spending (minus daycare and mortgage): $3580

Notable costs for this month was a trip to Calgary for a wedding including hotel and a few meals. I forgot the card so gift will be added on next month when they cash the cheque. Also chicken was on sale at costco so I stocked up going a bit over our food budget but we are currently averaging $555 for the first three months. I did focus on eating the food on hand so our pantry reserves are decreasing and this will go up slightly. My goal is $700/month this year, which is working out to about $1.5/meal  per person for our family of 5. 

As mentioned last month our averaged out spending should hopefully be under $5000/month (minus daycare and mortgage). So far averaging in March our costs are: $3069.

So far so good. We also got our tax refund this month which was fairly significant. We do need to figure out how to lower at source and that will be the goal for PapaBird this year. My salary is a bit more variable due to previous maternity leaves, contract ending and daycare costs being added to my salary. Most of the refund has already gone in to RRSPs for PapaBird and covering the costs of summer camp for the older kids. Fortunately we can get that refunded if I haven't found a job by June 1st. 

Cumulative savings sitting at 40%. Within the 40% I'm only counting money that has been officially invested or applied to the mortgage. We keep about $10k on hand for upcoming and unexpected expenses. If not needed some of it will end up in savings.

Comparing with previous years:

Annual comparison (without daycare or mortgage)
2 015 -$4 835,00
2 016 
-$2 505,00
2 017 
-$2 902,05
2 018 
-$4 152,51
2 019 
-$3 301,50

 In 2015 our big cost was paying half our tax bill that was due and if I remove that cost of $1200 we actually about the same this month, 4 years later. In 2018 it was a bit more because my in laws were visiting and we were doing some activities and hosting them.


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