September 2019 - Spending Re-cap

Our spending re-caps for the months will focus only on our variable spending and include the following categories:
  • Family (includes all the stuff we spend on the kids such as activities anything we buy them and their education savings. Any graphs I may post with include daycare, but the numbers will not)
  • Home Expenses (anything we spend on the house for the maintenance, taxes and insurance. I'm not including mortgage payments or interest as that will not be included in our final FI number so I want to be able to track what life costs without that. Keep in mind graphs will include the mortgage, but not in the numbers)
  • Transportation (all car related expenses such as gas, maintenance, insurance)
  • Utilities (heat, water, electricity, Internet, phone and cell phones)
  • Health Spending (Life insurance, dentist other health related costs. This is pretty low because we live in Canada)
  • Enjoyment (Gifts, Entertainment, Vacations, Hobbies, Restaurants, Alcohol, etc.)
  • Routine Expenses (Groceries, Clothing, Sewing, Hair, etc.).

Here are the numbers:

Totals           Sept
House Expenses$773,00
Health Spending$24,00

Total spending (minus daycare and mortgage): $3598

Well I've gotten far behind since starting work again in July. Working definitely takes up a lot of time, but I'm loving my new job and the people I work with. It is great to be back again.

I definitely feel like we're getting back into more regular spending months. Yes there is always something that we tend to spend a bit more on. This month it was buying PapaBird's mother's  plane ticket to come visit us at Xmas. It is nice that this is the first month we haven't have to pay for two kids in daycare!. The school bus covers childcare for the older two. For the 15-30 minutes the we do need we've made an arrangement with our young neighbour to watch the kids till I get home. So far it's working well. Fingers crossed it continues because it's much more economical than any other option and kids are much happier to play a few minutes of video games till I get home. 

Back to school was pretty reasonable and was around $300 for the two older kids including clothing bought (not much), supplies and shoes. 

Cumulative savings has dropped a bit with the large costs of insurance and taxes and is sitting at 35%. This is what we've put into our investments or principal paid down on the mortgage.  We did have some bigger spending over the summer months and now are returning to regular life again. You know you are deep into the FI movement when you can't wait to start maxing out the TFSA again. We'd put this off in the last little bit and it's time to get back to it.

Comparing with previous years:

Annual comparison (without daycare or mortgage)
2 015 -$2 786
2 016 
-$6 167
2 017 
-$4 695
2 018 
-$2 529
2 019 
-$3 598

Average monthly spending to date for 2019 is sitting at $5 360. 
Where we are sitting at for our percentages  for total spending:

The total amounts to 96%. The missing amount has been moved to our deferred spending accounts (car savings, travel savings, taxes and insurance) and will be added in as it is actually spent. 


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