Health Goals

Goal setting.... lose the 10 lbs I've gained since starting my new job in July.

I've lost all the baby weight before, but this is the first time I've increased 10 lbs without a pregnancy.
Below is the 3 month transformation when I lost the remaining baby weight after my 3rd back in 2018. Reminding myself that  I did it before, I can do it again.... 

This was my weight loss progress after my last child. About 30-40 lbs over 8 months

 My last job I could bike to work and would often go for walks with a co-worker and it is amazing how effective those two things were at keeping my weight down. It's just so much harder to find the time, but I need to make that a priority. I'm so tired of not having any pants to wear and I really don't want to sew up in a larger size when I'm hoping to lose the weight soon. I'm currently measuring about 1-2 sizes up from what I last sewed. I can still get things on, but they are very uncomfortable. 

And now here comes my accountability and hopefully the motivation I need. I'm posting current state photos. These used to be my "too big" jeans. I bought them from Costco because they were cheap, but they were a good 2 sizes too big for me when I bought them. I've worn them comfortably in the past year, though they have definitely gone from "fat" jeans, to "fitting just right" jeans. 

At present they are too small to wear comfortably. Or at least to do up. I want them to fit again!

I want to avoid the muffin top effect. I need to start putting in the effort. I've gotten back into running and can now run 5 km slow and steady. I love the time out there to listen to some good music and have some time alone. 

I want to stop using an elastic to get these ones on! I want to have some jeans to wear again. 

So now that I've posted these I guess I need to stick with it. Or at least that's my hope. 

Plan: Run at least 3 x a week
2 times a week doing some sort of toning exercises. 


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