Grocery Spending Update 2020 - Spoiler, Pandemics raise spending.

 Back in January 2019 I stated one spending goal was to reduce our grocery spending. For 2019 we did fairly good and reduced our average monthly spend from $741/month in 2018 to $717/month in 2019. 

I'll call that a decent win given the constant talk of the price of groceries increasing and the fact that we are a family of 5 with growing kids and increasing appetites. We don't scrimp and eat well. I do try to prepare a balance of vegetarian and meat meals and cook from scratch most nights. 

Now 6 months into the covid19 pandemic and our food (and take out and alcohol) budget has increased greatly. As of August we are averaging $891 per month. We have almost reached the total spending for last year this month. 

It's interesting to analyze it, but I'm not going to be that hard on myself. The first weeks when everyone was stocking up on goods back in March I did a bit, but mostly our regulars and nothing extravagant. The stress of the lockdown after a week and I was craving ALL the junk food. Braved costco that week and stocked up on all sorts of comfort foods that we don't normally buy. 

Six months into the pandemic my stress levels haven't really gone down. If anything they have increased with the kids going back to school and us back into our offices. One of the first things that goes for me is my desire to meal plan or cook. Easy comfort foods all the way. My freezer is still stocked with these and I'm trying to get back into making good food again, but I'm not putting a lot of pressure on myself. This is something I need to let go sometimes and that is ok. 

I'll just look forward to how decreased my average will be for 2021 compared to the gong show of 2020. How has your food budget compared pre-covid with covid?


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