So About Last Year's Resolution

 So about last year's resolution to lose the 10 lbs... Well, it hasn't budged much. In fact, I might actually be up a couple more pounds post-holiday comfort eating treats. 

My plan was to:

Run three times a week and do some toning exercises twice a week. 

Yeah... I didn't do much of that.  March and the pandemic hit and life became about survival. I didn't have much energy at the end of the day after trying to work with 3 kids around to go for a run. We did do more family walks but the pace of a three-year-old is not weight loss inducing. I ran off and on over the summer (more off) and I stopped running in September after pulling a muscle in my butt and didn't start again until November. It has been really nice to get back into running again. I was doing really well all of December... Yes, there is a but coming here. Running is now taking a back seat. 

We recently added a 7-month-old Golden Retriever Pup to our lives so the goal of running has shifted to just taking her out for walks. The good news is step count wise, she is a very good accountability partner. I've been averaging 8000 steps a day compared to 3000 I was doing on lazy days at the height of the first lockdown. For her health and my sanity, I think I'll be getting up to 10 000 a day soon to ensure she's tired enough to sleep for part of the day and distract her from trying to find the next item to chew. 

So this is a bit of an accountability post to confess that the scale needle hasn't moved much this year, my jeans still don't fit. That I've had to suck it up and sew myself a larger size of the pants I have made. 

And I'll be shifting back to walking as I just don't have the time to both on a consistent basis (nor the energy). I will try to maintain at least one run a week just so I don't lose that baseline fitness too badly, but it will be a year or so till this pup's bones will be strong enough to handle running. Hopefully, at that point, she'll prove to be a good partner. We are definitely still working on proper walking techniques.  Overall she is a lovely addition to our family. I've missed having a dog to snuggle with, our last pup dying 7 years ago. She is definitely giving the excuse to slow down on planned projects and sit and watch TV together. Perhaps time to devote some energy to learning some new drawing skills. 



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