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Stuff... So Much Stuff

My 95 year old Grandma has been moved to an assisted living home as she is no longer able to fully care for herself on her own. This has been devastating for her as she has always had so much pride in her independence and I think so much of her identity has been wrapped up in being the woman who lived in the big house. Let's talk about her house for a moment... my Grandfather and her custom built a 2500 square foot bungalow with a fully finished basement (so 5000 square feet of living space). I guess that number doesn't even include the indoor pool in the backyard nor the tunnel from the basement to it. It really was a spectacular home in the late 70s and fills my childhood memories as all summer long we'd have family pool parties and BBQs there. The pool was shut down about 10 years ago when the costs to heat and maintain it became to great. My Grandma couldn't afford a new liner that was needed so it was drained and has sat empty since.  Main house, with