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Shifting to Abundance Mindset

All my life I've lived in a scarcity mindset. I've lived with a feast or famine mentality when I have a goal in mind. I've gotten better as I've become more financially secure, but I still remember. I remember times where I'd go hungry rather than buy a chocolate bar from a vending machine because that cost wasn't budgeted. I remember being so frustrated at life's unexpected events if they derailed our savings, even worse if it was Papa Bird incurring it.  In the last few years though, I've felt a shift happening. I've been moving more into an abundance mindset. I've been able to appreciate spending on little treats for us, not caring that my grocery budget has doubled as I've struggled living through a pandemic. Heck I've even stopped tracking our expenses in this last year. I still update our net worth monthly (hello date night for us!), but that helps move me further into abundance mindset. It's easy as we've now hit our LeanFI