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A Few Frugal Things

My current limbo has been dragging me down a bit. I'm trying to stay positive and keep myself productive so I can feel like I'm accomplishing something with my days and not wasting my time checking and rechecking various social media. Bonus most of these things are some frugal wins... Planted my garden this weekend. Hoping that these tiny plants will provide lots of fresh produce over the summer. Less frugal was having to buy some fencing to go around them as the bunnies have been eating all my plants. Spent $80 on the netting and stakes but should be able to use it again over the next couple years.  Planted lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, green beans, carrots and beets. I did go out and buy a few few seedlings ($30) after the plants I grew were looking pretty sad and wind battered. Getting creative with our leftovers instead of succumbing to the desire to get take out. Had some leftover spaghetti sauce and pulled chicken I'd made earlier in t

Spring/Fall Jacket for Miss Bird

After finishing up the muslin I added another inch to the patter pieces and made up Jalie 2795 for MissBird using the fleece I bought from Discovery Trekking Fabrics. During the week I ordered Discovery Trekking was running a promotion providing a remnant that they had washed and dried. They couldn't sell these pieces as they were too dirty, but once laundered a very nice gift indeed. The cotton lycra they added to my order was the perfect coordinate for this fleece. Good thing too, as the fabric is so thick that I broke a couple serger needles trying to go over double seams. I would never have gotten through it if I used fleece for the waistband and collar.   I love how this jacket came out, except for the fact that I didn't add enough length above the pockets so they sit pretty high on MissBird! Grr. So close!!! Other than that this jacket is lovely. The fabric is so soft and dense that it feels like wearing a blanket. I can't wait to sew up my version. 

Jalie Nikita

Finally I get to share some of the patterns I was fortunate enough to test for Jalie this past winter. Hardest part is not sharing anything till they are released in the Spring! First up is Nikita.  Description: Tank with front yoke and keyhold racer back. The unique hem is easy to sew and adds a modern touch to the garment. Swing Dress, mid-thigh lenght, with closed racer back. Armholes on both views finished with bands.  This is such a cute top/dress and I can't wait to make one for me. I made two for my daughter. The pattern calls for very drapy fabrics, and the first version I made had a bit more body, but I figured it would be ok in a child size. Adult size I'd definitely wouldn't want this sticking stiffly out from my body. My daughter is 5 and wears a size 5 in RTW but in Jalie Sizes is an F (size 2) with extra length added. To the first version I added 2 inches, but this only makes it tunic length. I added 4 or 5 inches to the 2nd version se

Jalie Charlotte

I love a classic cardigan and the one I have has started to wear through the elbows and I've been thinking it might be time to replace it. So when the opportunity came to test Jalie's new pattern Charlotte I jumped at it as it is the perfect classic cardigan. With my sewing abilities being roughly intermediate, I love the fact that Jalie has ALL THE SIZES because it means I can make a first garment for my daughter, trying out the techniques in the smaller sizes. If I screw up royally it's only a small amount a fabric. If it's just small mistakes, she'll grow out of it in less than a year and by the time I make my version I know where to slow down and take a bit extra care. I made the cropped version without buttons and love it on her. It's such a cute little sweater and I need to make one for myself very soon. I should have probably added buttons but I have yet to master that skill on my sewing machine and didn't want to ruin it at the last step. Al

Jalie Alex

As mentioned in a previous post we were woefully under dressed for camping in the mountains last summer so I've been a little obsessed with warm sweaters for this year. I was so excited to be chosen to test Jalie's Alex and it just feels like the perfect camping/cozy sweater and will be making a ton of these over the years with 3 kids! I love this pattern. I unfortunately didn't pick the best fabric for my first version as the scale of the pattern was just a bit too large and I failed miserably with pattern matching. I'll be watching a few youtube videos to figure out how to do that properly on my next version. The cut off animals on this one are really bugging me. I keep reminding myself that many RTW pattern matching is often worse.   Despite the pattern issues I love this pattern. I just made up a version for myself and it is super cozy.  I did make a few alterations to this wearable muslin. I made a Size S grading to U at the hips and ad

Jalie Michelle

Another of the patterns I tested was Michelle. This was my favourite thing to wear on our trip to Mexico this winter. A dress with pockets! What more do we want in a dress?!?. This one also has the most flattering bodice and I love a gathered skirt. As I was trying to "shop" my stash and not buy fabric unless necessary, I used this embroidered cotton I'd picked up in New York City circa 2008! I had just enough to make this dress if I flipped the direction of the embroidery so the top goes vertically and skirt horizontally. The only problem was that this fabric does not meet the criteria of flowy. I thought I'd try it anyways and get more suitable fabric for the next version. So, um, yes... there is a reason fabric recommendations should be followed... But I loved the bodice,  colour and pockets and just needed a tad more waist shaping so I added some 1/4 inch elastic along the skirt seam. I just measured a length of elastic around