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Two-Weeks in... We're surviving and it's getting a little better

Our lives have been focused on physical distancing to help flatten the covid-19 pandemic curve for two weeks now. It's been tough. We've all hit our limits at different points. Emotions are running high and little things set us all off now that previously everyone worked through calmly. The first week trying to balance work and kids at home was intense. I was starting at 6:30 am and finishing up around 4:30 to account for the distractions they bring. PapaBird still was going into the office most days so it was just me at home. It just felt like work never ended, that I was ignoring my kids all day and generally failing at life. Previous to this I felt I had figured our lives out. We knew our routine and life was good. I tried some of the schedules floating round the various mom's groups, hoping it would give us some structure. I threw that out by day 3 after we only followed it for a morning. Our kid's teachers have been amazing and getting Google Classroom up

Just like that we're work from home, homeschoolers

I'm trying to stay calm, I'm trying not to stress, but I've been spending way too much time analyzing the Covid-19 situation in the last few weeks. On rather an impulse we booked a trip to Disneyland at the end of February. The timing seemed perfect. Scored a sweet seat sale with Westjet for our spring break, would have big crowds to deal with, but decent savings because we wouldn't have to pay for childcare for spring break camps and our youngest would still be free. Then Covid-19 started to hit Europe, Italy was suffering, 14 cases found in California. Reality began to hit. Are those numbers accurate ? Were they actually testing? If there was anywhere we should be avoiding it's Disneyland, a hub of international visitors. I regretted our decision. Wanted to cancel, but felt a bit ridiculous for wanting to make that decision. Perhaps I was just over-reacting. No one else seemed to want to cancel their plans. Our hotel was non-refundable but at this point last wee

Dear Mr. Kenny Stop Demonizing the Public Sector

Dear Mr. Kenny, I was disappointed with your and Mr. Shandro's press conference on the Covid-19 pandemic updates on Friday March 13. This is not a time to play politics. This is not the time to try to get your horrible budget approved by the opposition. It's the time to rip it up and start again. Not a time to postpone job cuts to nurses or leave doctors with uncertainty of how they will be paid. We need to continue to fund health care. We do not need to add more now while during a pandemic to simply continue on with layoffs the minute this crisis is over. This crisis may end, but another will come up. We can't have our doctors or nurses leaving. We can't lose critical health infrastructure in rural areas. It will end up costing so much more to attract the lost professionals down the line than any minor savings you might be able to conjure up now. We cannot and must not move towards more private healthcare. We need our public system. That public system will save