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Sewing Plan update - 2 new Tee-shirts and a sweater

My plan has definitely slowed down to a crawl in the last couple months. I was struggling to get the right fit on the Love Notions Classic Tee but most of my issues came down to poor fabric quality. Then Covid-19 pandemic hit and we've been under isolation like most of the world for the last month. I must say, nothing zaps my motivation like trying to work from home and home-school two kids while keeping the 3rd out of trouble. Thank goodness for PapaBird looking after most of the school. I've completely let that one slide. It's taken a few weeks but we are starting to get out rhythm sorted out. I'm less stressed and it simply feels like the new normal. I did take some time out to sew some fabric masks up. I've sold a few and could likely sell many more, but once I got my sewing mojo back, I wanted to move onto more fun projects. Things that I would wear and love. They had to remain simple though as I still don't quite have the mental energy to face a sewing f