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Another Halloween, Another Harry Potter Inspired Costume

This year's homemade costume My older son is a bit Harry Potter obsessed. Last year I made them Year 1 Hogwarts robes and they went as Harry and Hermoine. I upcycled some black curtains I found at Value Village to make my son's robe and bought some cheap fabric for my daughter's. This year my son wanted to go as a Quidditch player. I definitely didn't want to spend $50 per costume to buy the game robes. When looking at some movie stills to get some ideas I came across the Quidditch try-out/practice robes from the 6th movie the Half Blood Prince and realized I already had fabric on hand that could work to copy it. Yeah for being able to use up a bit of the overflowing stash. Movie still found on Pinterest I used Jalie 3355 hoodie as the base for my pattern. To figure out the line work on the jerseys I took the line drawing from the pattern and did a screenshot of it. Then I measured the pattern pieces for each size and expanded the bodice to that siz

Orange Shirt Day

I generally try to avoid buying stuff for specific occasions and try to use what we have on hand or don't participate as I just don't want more random things cluttering our house. However there are some that I think are very important and I need to make the effort to join in. September 30th was  Orange Shirt Day , which started a few years back to remember the indigenous children who were ripped from their families and sent to residential, experiencing loss of culture and abuse. Quoting from the above news story: Orange Shirt Day is an annual display of support and remembrance for the people who were taken from their families and sent to residential schools. "It's an opportunity to honour the survivors, and those that did not survive, the residential schools," said Leslie Ronaldson, executive director of the  Society for Safe and Caring Schools & Communities . "It's important for everyone to know what happened back then, and it actually wa