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So About Last Year's Resolution

 So about last year's resolution to lose the 10 lbs... Well, it hasn't budged much. In fact, I might actually be up a couple more pounds post-holiday comfort eating treats.  My plan was to: Run three times a week and do some toning exercises twice a week.  Yeah... I didn't do much of that.  March and the pandemic hit and life became about survival. I didn't have much energy at the end of the day after trying to work with 3 kids around to go for a run. We did do more family walks but the pace of a three-year-old is not weight loss inducing. I ran off and on over the summer (more off) and I stopped running in September after pulling a muscle in my butt and didn't start again until November. It has been really nice to get back into running again. I was doing really well all of December... Yes, there is a but coming here. Running is now taking a back seat.  We recently added a 7-month-old Golden Retriever Pup to our lives so the goal of running has shifted to just taki

Dear (My MLA), How are you respresenting me?

 Dear Mr. MLA, You were elected to represent the people of my area, even those that didn't vote for you. That is how our government works. So I want to add my voice of issues that are important to me and ask: Are you listening? And how are you representing me? I want my parks and mountain tops protected. I do not want these sold off for coal development, destroying the water for all those downstream. That is not worth 400 insecure jobs over 20-30 years. We all know the mining will be halted as prices decrease and those workers laid off.  I want safe schools for our kids. I want contact tracing to work. Contact tracing failed before Christmas break and is still showing 50% or more of unknown origin. My children were determined to be a close contact and we never heard from AHS. What are you doing to make sure all close contacts are notified by AHS? What are you doing to ensure it is safe in the schools? What are you doing to address ventilation given the fact that Covid 19 for all in