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Covid 19: Comfort Shopping

 What purchases did you make during Covid 19 lockdowns and beyond to deal with this crazy new reality? I definitely realize, despite my devotion to the FIRE movement, I can get carried away with anxiety during a weird pandemic and look to buying a few things to distract me.  Back in March a woman was giving her away a piano. I've always wanted one, so despite not seeing it in person before organizing the movers I went for it. Yeah it's a little bigger than anticipated. PapaBird is not a big fan but is putting up with it. We are now the proud owners of a 19th century Player Piano, minus the player mechanism. Extra big so it could fit inside. Total cost for this freebie: $200 to move it here, $130 to tune it, and $150 for the Simply Piano app to teach myself to play.  PapaBird got to buy the Hogworts Castle after that one. It was on backorder when purchased in April and finally showed up in July. We definitely weren't the only ones after this one. $525.  Bought a bunch of fab