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Resetting My Resiliency

Recently I was filling out a survey for work on what is required for a resilient workplace. In this context they are looking at how adaptable we are to change. However it got me thinking on how resiliency applies to my personal life, especially in face of a pandemic. Resiliency seems to be a good descriptor of how we can face stressors in our lives. How we can stay calm in the face of adversity.   I had to look up the official definition as I’ve created my own in my head that just seemed to fit. It is the “capacity to recover quickly from difficulties”. That’s even better! To bounce back from life’s challenges.   How much resiliency I have in store fluctuates day to day. Some days I have lots. This shows up as my patience, my ability to brush off minor frustrations, my ability to face challenges. Other days it’s lost by 10:00 am.   Much of this pandemic, faced with trying to work from home with three kids under 9 has left me feeling drained, exhausted, not able to keep up with my norma