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2019 Spending re-cap

Well I'm a day early but our numbers shouldn't dramatically change by tomorrow so I'm just going to get this post off. The first half of the year we didn't make nearly as much progress as I'd hoped as the job I was counting on fell through. Lesson learned, don't blindly trust people, it can backfire. Fortunately as I've mentioned previously, a really great opportunity came along and I've been loving it. Bonus is we can really make some headway on our savings goals. I'm not going to go into detail on actual spending numbers, but more give a general overview of how this last year has gone and where we hope to go in 2020. I'll save you pulling out the calculator, the percents shown add up to 94% as we've been replenishing our deferred spending accounts. Basically the accounts we use to fund our travel and car purchases. It is an ongoing debate between my husband and I; I would like to save a little less for our next car, but I still wa