Jalie City Coat

This year I've been really trying hard to conquer my fear and tackle some of the projects that have scare me. Mostly because I'm afraid of wasting money spent on fabric. I bought this softshell (not the same colour) from l'oiseau fabrics last year, planning to sew up the Jalie City Coat I likely bought around 2008. So finally sewing this up checked off two boxes, fabric languishing in the stash and the pattern I'd never used.

I decided I needed to make a muslin before cutting into my $50 fabric (most I've spent for a single garment) and was happy when I found this ponte (I think it's ponte anyways) on the fabric clearance wall at fabricland. Before starting I added an inch in length to the upper bodice (my usual modification) and cut it out.

The pockets were gaping a bit so I added about an inch to the side seams to give myself a bit more room in the hips and tummy and then nervously cut out my softshell. 

My frugal self did regret buying such a drab colour for a spring coat, but I wanted to make sure that it would go with everything as I just don't have a nicer lighter coat in wardrobe to swap out. Despite the dull (but practical!) colour, I love this coat. It's nice and warm with the fleece backing. 

I haven't tested it out in the rain, but it's been rather chilly here lately and I was nice and warm walking the kids to the bus this morning despite the sub-zero temperatures and snow flakes (yes, at the end of April folks!). 

Looking at the back here, I could probably do a small sway back adjustment and narrow the shoulders a bit for a future version, but my limited experience in modifying patterns makes me worry I might lose range of motion. I'll give myself a break and enjoy the fact that this is long enough for me, compared to many of my other clothes. I did leave off the button holes and opted for snaps instead so I wouldn't screw up the button holes. I do have a few adjustments to do to the snap placements (and reverse the snap I sewed on backwards - oups), but I'll keep wearing it in the meantime. 

I have a few colourful scarves to add some colour to it. I knit this one up a couple years ago using left-over sock yarn. 

Overall I'm very happy with it. I'm slowly learning that using better quality, though scary because of the financial hit should I screw up, leads to garmentsI love much more. I'm just so excited that my skill is finally getting to the point I feel I can invest a little more in fabric. 


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