Another Halloween, Another Harry Potter Inspired Costume

This year's homemade costume
My older son is a bit Harry Potter obsessed. Last year I made them Year 1 Hogwarts robes and they went as Harry and Hermoine. I upcycled some black curtains I found at Value Village to make my son's robe and bought some cheap fabric for my daughter's.

This year my son wanted to go as a Quidditch player. I definitely didn't want to spend $50 per costume to buy the game robes. When looking at some movie stills to get some ideas I came across the Quidditch try-out/practice robes from the 6th movie the Half Blood Prince and realized I already had fabric on hand that could work to copy it. Yeah for being able to use up a bit of the overflowing stash.

Movie still found on Pinterest
I used Jalie 3355 hoodie as the base for my pattern. To figure out the line work on the jerseys I took the line drawing from the pattern and did a screenshot of it. Then I measured the pattern pieces for each size and expanded the bodice to that size in design space. Then I went about trying to work out the shapes. Man, I wish Design Space let you do lines as a shape. It's so frustrating trying to make lines and curves out of rectangles and circles. I should just get a subscription to Photoshop and dive deeper into using it. I could use it in my work as well. 

Here is the example of my first mock up. I put things in a couple different colours so I could control placement on the mats.It was also a visual reminder of the things I needed to cut mirrored or not. For the bottom line work I cut out half of it, then mirrored the other side so it would by symmetrical.  I ended up attaching certain elements together so I could minimize the vinyl waste. 

Then I did a trial run in paper to see if the sizing of the line work was ok. Fortunately I didn't need to make many changes. The 'V's below are simplly to hold the paper lines together while testing it out. 
Then onto cutting it out of vinyl. This was the most stressful step as this really was the most expensive part of the costumes. The patches were leftover from (or fell off of)  last year's costumes.

Once ironed on it looked so good. I actually couldn't wait to sew these up to see the final hoodie!

Seriously, this is one of my favourite makes to date. It just makes me so happy to see these and see the kids wearing them. They better wear them post Halloween!!

Next up I need to figure out how to make a detachable back cape (skirt) to finalize the costume and find some better brooms. As PapaBird said the 'Oscar 2005' is just not cutting it.


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