Sewing Plan update - 2 new Tee-shirts and a sweater

My plan has definitely slowed down to a crawl in the last couple months. I was struggling to get the right fit on the Love Notions Classic Tee but most of my issues came down to poor fabric quality. Then Covid-19 pandemic hit and we've been under isolation like most of the world for the last month. I must say, nothing zaps my motivation like trying to work from home and home-school two kids while keeping the 3rd out of trouble. Thank goodness for PapaBird looking after most of the school. I've completely let that one slide. It's taken a few weeks but we are starting to get out rhythm sorted out. I'm less stressed and it simply feels like the new normal.

I did take some time out to sew some fabric masks up. I've sold a few and could likely sell many more, but once I got my sewing mojo back, I wanted to move onto more fun projects. Things that I would wear and love. They had to remain simple though as I still don't quite have the mental energy to face a sewing fail yet. Having three projects come out right though definitely helps lift the spirits. My eventual sewing goal is to built a wardrobe that is comfortable enough for home, but can pass the work test. My work is technically business casual, but it seems as long as I don't wear jeans every day it's fine.

Anyways onto some progress pics.

It's nice to see the plan together and see the progress I made. I also just put in a new order for fabric so I need to get moving on sewing up what I bought from my last order back in August! Anyone else feeling like they need a little pick me up in the form of packages delivered to your door?

As I mentioned I bought  most of the fabric from Water Tower Textiles back in August 2019. I just really love their style and I've been very pleased with the quality of the fabric. 

First up is the Love notions Classic Tee in Bamboo Rayon Spandex. It really does have the perfect drape for this t-shirt and hides the mommy tummy nicely. It does need a bit more pressing to flatten it out, but overall I love it. 

Next up I realized I had enough of the knit I had bought in that order to make Jalie Helene sweater. I had made it once before but didn't love it, but I think that was fabric choice. This time, in a plain blue it felt perfect. It's lovely and warm and I adore the colour. 

I had bought this fabric to do a dropped pocket cardigan, but I didn't order enough, so I'm glad to have tried this one instead. 

Finally, feeling on a roll I used the Bamboo stripes to make another classic tee, this time with the crew neck. 

I kind of wish I had gone for the scooped neck or the V neck, but I haven't quite mastered the V and I thought it better to have more diversity in neckline shapes. oh well. It still looks good tucked in and works well under the cardigan. 

It's nice to fill in a couple holes in my wardrobe as I usually wear t-shirts under my sweaters, but I just don't have many. 

Next up I really should attempt the woven joggers (Jalie Vanessa) and the woven shirt (Jalie Alice) but both are new patterns to me and aren't the quick wins I've been looking for lately. But I could really use some pants. Especially comfortable ones like those. Will see what I can motivate myself for next. 

*LoveNotions link is an affiliate link, meaning I would receive a small commission if you purchased a pattern from them. All opinions are my own. 


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