It's the Little things: Scrapbusting Hankercheifs

It's cold season over here and we've been going through Kleenex like mad. I had previously sewn up some flannel scraps to use as re-usuable tissues but many seem to have disappeared over the years. Using some leftover fabric from some PJs I made my eldest I made about 30 mini-hankerchiefs.

This definitely isn't huge savings or a big environmental win, but little things can add up. The other things that make me happy about this:
  • Kids are excited to blow their nose now and run off to grab one from the drawer.
  • They are much softer than Kleenex so less nose irritation
  • Reduce the waste from the leftovers and reduce some disposible products in our life
  • My favourite benefit is fewer (hopefully none) kleenex going through the wash and disintegrating into a million little pieces. If these get forgotten, I just pull them out and put them in the dirty laundry pile to re-wash properly. 

The mini-hankies and small amount of leftover waste. 

Stash busting notes :  0.5 m used up, 118.5 m remaining.


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