It's the Little Things - Upcycling Pants

My kids, like most kids are tough on their pants and usually put a hole or two in the knees before they out grow them. We had accumulated quite a few pairs, so in an effort to check a few easy projects off the to do list and to be ready for warmer weather (wishful thinking in the middle of a January deep freeze) I cut them off and hemmed them make a few bike shorts for my daughter to wear under her dresses and a pair of shorts (not shown in the before picture) for my son. 

 Ta-da!  5 pairs of shorts for my daughter and 1 for my son.

Done is less than 30 minutes and a 1.5 m moved out of the stash ( I included these tasks/recycling projects as 0.25 m each in the stash to feel like I'm making a dent in it). Little less so as I added 3 m recenly for a couple sweater projects when I found some fabric I'd been lusting after and was suddenly 70% off. I'm trying to be mindful of any purchases I make to ensure that I'll really love what I make out of it and craft I wardrobe that I'm excited about.

So fabric stash is now sitting at 120.4 m...


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