Why you shouldn't take your kids with you to the fabric store...

Because they end up convincing you to buy some flannel fabric.

My son actually needed PJs, but my daughter had more than enough clothes, but I'm a sucker for trying to keep it reasonably fair between the kids, especially when it's an impulse buy. These fabrics did not linger long in the stash when you have kids who keep asking when will they get their new outfits. 

First up I used the Mini Mouse Flannel as the skirt for Love Notions Everyday Play dress.  This is a quick and easy pattern and super cute.  I likely could have gone down a size, but I tend to go on the larger size to ensure growing room. Made her a size 3, though she's in a size 2 and almost 5! My kids are on the slim side. 

After a few more weeks of nagging, asking politely, I got around to making up a pj set using Jalie 3355

I was hesitant to buy this pattern initially as it seemed a bit basic, but it has turned out to be my most used pattern to date. I've lost track of the number of times I've made it up for my son. 

I made a few minor adjustments to make it a bit more PJ like. I added cuffs to the pants rather than hemming or the elastics called for in the pattern. 

 I dislike doing casings so I used the instructions used  on the Jalie Boxer briefs and zig zagged the elastic to the wrong size, then folded it over and zig zagged on the right side to make the casing.
 For the top I didn't make any changes, though next time I'd add a bit of length to the hem band. I find it's a little bunchy when using knits rather than ribbing.

 And here we go modeled by by 7 year old. I made a size J with a bit of extra length in both the top and bottom.


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