Back to School Sewing

When you start a blog in January you have lots of back projects to blog about, including back to school sewing!

My 7 year old didn't need a ton of clothes, but he was definitely in need of some sweatpants so I sewed him up 3 pairs using Jalie 3355. I've lost count of the number of times I've made these pants for him now. I love that I can make him pants that actually fit properly as he's about 2 sizes smaller than his height so I sewed him the equivalent of a size 5 waist with size 7 length.

When I'm feeling lazy I'll often leave off the pockets, but my son has told me how much he likes them so I made all these ones with the pockets. The patch pockets are quite quick to make.

All in all the pants now take me about 45 minutes to make so it definitely feels like an instant gratification project. I managed to pick up the sweat shirting at a charity sale for $1/m so added bonus that each pair of pants cost me about $2 to make!

For the splurge, as my son is a major Harry Potter fan at the moment, I bought some marauder's map fabric and made him up a Nico. The fit of this pattern is amazing and it always makes me feel like an expert seamstress.

Here he is wearing the completed outfit.

He's been begging for me to make him a marauder's map outfit for him so have plans to use some burgundy fabric I got at the same fabric sale and pair it with this fabric to complete that. I do worry the colour might be a bit too girly, but hopefully putting some black cuffs on it would keep it ok. 

Must get on that before he outgrows the shirt. I might be able to add some cuffs to get a bit of extra time  out of it. 

Cost breakdown:

Fabric: $20 for harry Potter and black cotton lycra
$3 for sweatshirting bought at a charity sale
$3 for elastic (guess, had this on hand and I think a lot was bought at the charity sale)


If you include patterns $47 or so, but I've used these patterns a bunch of times before so I'll say they don't count in the calculation for this one.

Versus buying new clothes:

Sweat pants: $10 each (on sale) or $25 regular so $30-75
T-shirt: $10 for sale or $25 regular so $10-25

Total: $40 - 100, likely closer to $100 because sales are hard to find here in September.


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