Jalie 3461: Éléonore Pull-on Jeans

I'm so excited about Jeans again!! Well mainly because these aren't real jeans, but rather pull-on jeans that I've been jealous that my kids have. I gave up on my pairs when I gave up my maternity jeans. But I finally made the Éleonore jeans pattern which I bought about a year ago. I was scared about how it would fit given my hips and slightly larger tummy (thank you 3 pregnancies). I wasn't sure how to adjust for a full belly so this pattern sat.

I had even bought some fabric to make a test pair, but then I worried it didn't have quite enough stretch and frankly I didn't love it. Back in January I bought some stretch denim to try which at $14 didn't think would be the end of the world if it failed. Just a minor annoyance. 

So having a bit more time on my hands lately, I've decided to focus on filling the whole in my wardrobe and well jeans are what I wear every day given the choice and are currently severely lacking in my closet. 

First pair of test Élenores actually turned out great! I didn't spend a lot of time on the pockets and did the bare minimum of top stitching because I just wanted to see how they would come together. 

I actually really like them. The only downside is the fabric. They are a little thinner than I'd like but overall I'm very happy. I also made the shirt which is Jalie 2804 (cross-over empire top). Still have a few adjustments to do to the top as this version I attempted adding an inch through the sleeve and above the bust. I'm not sure that's the best modification for me, and I likely just need to lower the arm hole a bit. 

After the success with the first version of Éléonores I decided to break out the denim and spend a little more time on the pocket decoration and top stitching. 

Also for this version I added front pockets using the pocket add-on and tutorial. It is definitely nice to have front pockets. Pockets in everything I say! Adding the pockets and the decorative aspects definitely slowed the sewing down a bit, but it was worth it. Only think I'm a little annoyed with is the back pocket placement. I ended up sewing them on lower than the last pair and will need to move them higher for any future pairs. I'm fine to live with them though. 

I'm so happy with the fit on the jeans and how comfy they are. I don't know if I'll ever bother to go shopping for real jeans again. 

Next fitting challenge is to work out why these knee wrinkles are happening and how to adjust, but that's a minor detail overall. 

There are some whisker lines happening here, but those may work out a bit as I wear these more. And if they don't I'm ok with them as they are already better than most ready to wear pants. 

The sweater is also me-made and is the Jalie drop pocket cardigan. Another one I love and can't wait to make more versions of. How many is too many? This definitely is my style in a nutshell, jeans, t-shirt and cozy sweater. 

I am trying to be conscientious in my sewing planning to ensure a cohesive wardrobe. I have not bought much for myself over the last 8 years of having kids and dramatically changing body that pregnancy brings. Now, as my sewing skills are improving I'm trying to focus on replacing clothes with mostly things I make and adding pants is a good start. 

These items are definitely wins for me as I finally have some nice fitting pants that I'm happy with and a sweater I love. The top still needs a bit of work but will be worn. 


  1. Love your review.
    Did you do any size adjustments for your post baby belly?

    1. I ended up doing the first pair a straight U even though my belly is closer to a V or W and it fits fine. The stretch fabrci is enough to manage it.

  2. Your Eleonores are awesome, well done. Different fabrics will affect the fit as well, I think you look great in yours.

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