Jalie 3245 Raglan

I bought this fabric from l'oiseau fabrics  during their last spring sale and have been procrastinating with it ever since.

I sewed up a Lisette skirt back in February which I quite like, but haven't actually worn yet. I keep hoping for warmer weather.

Then this past weekend I sewed up the majority of what I had left of the black and roses using Jalie 3245. The neckline is a bit wider than I hoped, mostly to being stretched out as I sewed it, but I'm hoping it'll relax bit with it's next washing.

Over all I'm really happy with it and the pattern just makes me happy.

Other thing that makes me happy... Having a full me-made outfit, including jeans, shirt and coat.

I've really been focusing on sewing for me this last little bit, filling some holes in my wardrobe left from a shopping ban of roughly 2 years so getting to the point where I can wear so many of my own makes (and actually like them!) is really gratifying.


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