A Few Frugal Things

My current limbo has been dragging me down a bit. I'm trying to stay positive and keep myself productive so I can feel like I'm accomplishing something with my days and not wasting my time checking and rechecking various social media. Bonus most of these things are some frugal wins...

Planted my garden this weekend. Hoping that these tiny plants will provide lots of fresh produce over the summer. Less frugal was having to buy some fencing to go around them as the bunnies have been eating all my plants. Spent $80 on the netting and stakes but should be able to use it again over the next couple years. 

Planted lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, green beans, carrots and beets. I did go out and buy a few few seedlings ($30) after the plants I grew were looking pretty sad and wind battered.

Getting creative with our leftovers instead of succumbing to the desire to get take out. Had some leftover spaghetti sauce and pulled chicken I'd made earlier in the week so transformed that into pizzas. We'll call it Bolenase pizza and BBQ chicken pizza. Just happy that the kids ate it all up.

Broke out my cricut machine and made a new door mat for us. Very happy with how this one turned out. "Bonjour-Hi!" is how you are greeted whenever you go into a store in Montreal. At least when we lived there. Seems now that the government is trying to encourage people to only use "bonjour" .

I love it as it's a nod to our bilingual household.

Also met some friends at a local BMX park with the kids and biked over there. It was our first bike ride as a family with MissBird (5) riding herself over. So nice to evict that 40 lbs from the Chariot!

Bunnies unfortunately ate our Honeycrisp apple tree last winter, but was happy to find a replacement Honeycrisp at Costco this year. It's likely a lot younger than our previous tree, but at $35 rather than $90-200 from the local nursery, and the fact that I could fit it in our minivan rather than having to get it delivered or hire a truck feels like a frugal win. I will be protecting this one from them this year! Still need to figure out what to do with the other columnar trees they ate. Perhaps I'll plant some berry bushes along there.

Got a little order within my sewing pattern collection and labeled all of my traced patterns. Just opening my binders makes me smile now.

What frugal wins or life wins did you have this week?


  1. I love the door mat! I may have to get a cricut machine and try that out!


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