Fabric Stash May 2019 Update

Operation "Sew Down the Stash" was going fairly well through the last couple months using more up than I brought in. I managed to use up the majority of the fabric that is crossed off and most of what I bought for specific projects.

January and February I sewed up about 19 m and bought 5, March I sewed about 9 m and bought 3. April I bought an order from Discovery Trekking Fabrics to make some camping sweaters for us all and a few other things for me but that meant 11 m in for the 7m I sewed. But the fabric is lovely.

So far I've used up the grey fleece to make the jackets for the boys and will be using up the sea turtle fabric shortly to make some sweaters for me and MissBird.

I also found some rainbow swimsuit fabric and coordinating navy at fabricland which I bought to make me some Cora leggings, but MissBird is requesting a new swimsuit from so I may use it to make a Jalie Valerie rash guard and a Loulouluxe Skirt or some bikini bottoms.

May was a planned fail with the Grandmothers to Grandmothers (Stephen Lewis Foundation) fabric sale where I bought 20 m of fabric. This year I tried to stay focused and get fleece and sweat shirting in neutral colours to make sweatpants for BiggestBird. Anything else I bought had to have a plan in mind or else I tried to put it back. I also bought a bunch of zippers and some more serger thread. Overall a good haul for $50.

My fabric cabinet is now overflowing and I have enough projects to last me for a couple of years. My goal for the year is to make more space in the cabinet again and get a lot of these projects completed.

Currently the stash sits at 123 m.

I started tracking in January when I had 128 m. Considering all I've bought the last few months it's amazing that I'm actually below that. Since then I've sewn about 40 m. My output will definitely slow down once I go back to work as that is the main way I've been keeping myself busy these last months in between job hunting.


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