Jalie Charlotte

I love a classic cardigan and the one I have has started to wear through the elbows and I've been thinking it might be time to replace it. So when the opportunity came to test Jalie's new pattern Charlotte I jumped at it as it is the perfect classic cardigan.

With my sewing abilities being roughly intermediate, I love the fact that Jalie has ALL THE SIZES because it means I can make a first garment for my daughter, trying out the techniques in the smaller sizes. If I screw up royally it's only a small amount a fabric. If it's just small mistakes, she'll grow out of it in less than a year and by the time I make my version I know where to slow down and take a bit extra care.

I made the cropped version without buttons and love it on her. It's such a cute little sweater and I need to make one for myself very soon. I should have probably added buttons but I have yet to master that skill on my sewing machine and didn't want to ruin it at the last step. Also it's often easier not to have buttons on her cardigans as she insists on doing up EVERY SINGLE button which can take what feels like hours at times. 

Description from the instructions: Classic jewel neck cardigan with long sleeve, hem and wrist bands. Buttons at the front are optional. View A hits as the hips and has pockets, view B is a cropped version without pockets. 

It was a little chilly this morning when I asked her out for the photo shoot so trying to convince her to lower her shoulders was a bit tough. 

I adore the back of the sweater on her. I think it's all about the hem band. 

I do love seeing kids in classic garments and this one checks all the boxes. I'll be making a few more for both her and me!


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