Spring Jacket for MissBird, wearable muslin

Continuing the camping sweaters for me and the kids I did a wearable muslin up for me and MissBird to test out a few modifications planned before cutting the lovely fleece I bought from Discovery Trekking Fabrics.

It is a bit busier than I'd normally choose for myself, but I recently saw a version made up for a woman using Jalie's Marie-Claude that I loved. I've decided to use one of Jalie's new patterns that I tested recently and I can show you that test version tomorrow when the patterns are released. I needed to get through making both of these muslins together before cutting this fabric to make sure I can fit both of them on it. I just hope I can figure out the pattern matching and get both versions made. To be continued...

MissBird wanted a zipper front rather than hoodie so I debated between using Jalie 2319 that I used to make BabyBird his jacket and 2795. I prefer the shape of 2795 but it has a lot of seams which could make for some awkward pattern matching and sea turtles with chopped off heads. I decided to go with 2795 but merge the sleeves and back pieces to save some pattern matching woes.

To do this I simply cut out the pieces and then taped them together.

I kept the side seam on the front because the welt pocket is made off of this one. MissBird still measures a size F (size 2) width wise but I made her a size H (4) with a couple inches extra length in the hopes that this will last for a year or two.

 I think I'll add another inch or two for the final version, and perhaps grade out the hips a bit as I'm afraid this might start to ride up as she grows.

Some accidental design features... When I was cutting out the sweaters for her and me out of this green fabric I forgot to cut a second collar piece and there wasn't enough to get a second one. I debated trying to piece one together but then thought this blue coordinated closely enough. I also planned to use a white zipper I bought yesterday, but when I went to install it I realized I'd simply checked the package recommendations for the size forgetting I'd added a couple inches to the length already. I did happen to have this pale blue one in my stash which was the right length and brought together the blue collar.

When you ask a 5 year old to pose. 

I'm really pleased with how this fits and will just add a couple more inches in the body to the next version. I'll also make sure to line up the pocket lines a bit better and take more care topstiching the hood to the collar. Just don't look too closely!

Love the cost breakdown for this one.
Used up some sweat shirting I bought at a charity sale last spring for $1/m and a zipper that came in a random bag of zippers bought at the sale this year.

To make her sweater and mine (that I can show off tomorrow) cost about $3!!! Can't get much better than that, especially for something we'll be able to wear, even it not quite perfect.


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