Spring/Fall Jacket for Miss Bird

After finishing up the muslin I added another inch to the patter pieces and made up Jalie 2795 for MissBird using the fleece I bought from Discovery Trekking Fabrics.

During the week I ordered Discovery Trekking was running a promotion providing a remnant that they had washed and dried. They couldn't sell these pieces as they were too dirty, but once laundered a very nice gift indeed. The cotton lycra they added to my order was the perfect coordinate for this fleece. Good thing too, as the fabric is so thick that I broke a couple serger needles trying to go over double seams. I would never have gotten through it if I used fleece for the waistband and collar. 

 I love how this jacket came out, except for the fact that I didn't add enough length above the pockets so they sit pretty high on MissBird! Grr. So close!!!

Other than that this jacket is lovely. The fabric is so soft and dense that it feels like wearing a blanket. I can't wait to sew up my version. 

One small addition I did was to line the hood with the cotton lycra. It's a pretty simple addition and this hood makes it easy. I took a few pictures of the steps as it did take me a minute (and 20 of seam ripping) to figure it out. 

Cut the upper hood and side hood out of the lining fabric in addition to the the other hood pieces and assemble. The second collar piece can be lining or main fabric. Sew together each hood then assemble to pieces in the following order: outer hood, hood band and then hood lining, matching the notches, right sides together.

Then sew around the edge and flip over. Then attach to the collar as indicated in the instructions. 

 I need to work on getting the ribbing to line up when I insert the zipper. It gets stretched as I sew and therefore is off.

Cost breakdown:

This is definitely a bit more of a splurge garment for her.

Fabric costs: $20
Zipper: $3

So $25 for super snugly warm hoodie I hope will last about 2 years. And afterwards her younger brother might get some use out of it as I think it can pass as unisex.


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