June 2019 Spending Re-cap

Our spending re-caps for the months will focus only on our variable spending and include the following categories:
  • Family (includes all the stuff we spend on the kids such as activities anything we buy them and their education savings. Any graphs I may post with include daycare, but the numbers will not)
  • Home Expenses (anything we spend on the house for the maintenance, taxes and insurance. I'm not including mortgage payments or interest as that will not be included in our final FI number so I want to be able to track what life costs without that. Keep in mind graphs will include the mortgage, but not in the numbers)
  • Transportation (all car related expenses such as gas, maintenance, insurance)
  • Utilities (heat, water, electricity, Internet, phone and cell phones)
  • Health Spending (Life insurance, dentist other health related costs. This is pretty low because we live in Canada)
  • Enjoyment (Gifts, Entertainment, Vacations, Hobbies, Restaurants, Alcohol, etc.)
  • Routine Expenses (Groceries, Clothing, Sewing, Hair, etc.).

Here are the numbers:

Totals           Jun
House Expenses$709,00
Health Spending$19,00

Total spending (minus daycare and mortgage): $4665

Notable costs for this month were the start of our trip through the Okanagan, so some of the hotel costs were pre-paid in June as well as some extra treats for the kids. I also bought a bigger cooler for our trip to cut down on restaurant costs. Watch for an upcoming post of what we ate. Another unexpected expense was our sump pump needing replacement. That was $600, but well worth the piece of mind that our basement shouldn't flood. 

Cumulative savings dropped a bit and is sitting at 37%. This will start to jump up soon as I got a job and start in a week! I'm excited to see the acceleration to our savings again. Especially as we'll only have one child in full time care with my daughter starting kindergarten. 

Comparing with previous years:

Annual comparison (without daycare or mortgage)
2 015 -$4 068
2 016 
-$3 549
2 017 
-$7 878
2 018 
-$7 246
2 019 
-$4 665

Average monthly spending to date for 2019 is sitting at $5 315. This month was helpful at lowering the amount a bit, but we're still a bit over our average for the last 5 years ($5103). I think we should be able to get this down to this for the rest of the year. I'm hopeful at least. If not, the increase in my salary will be enough to bump up the savings rate so we won't be quite as focused on this. Especially as gas will go up with me commuting to work and will likely splurge and get a cleaning service as I'll be back at work full time and neither of us actually enjoys cleaning and I rather prioritize my "household" time on food planning and prep.

2017 and 2018 spending was high as we waited till June to pay for our property taxes. This year we paid them in May. 

Where we are sitting at for our percentages spent:


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