Little things that make me happy

A few of the things going on this week that make me happy or improve life overall. 

Well having my daughter have another small fracture was not a highlight, but it was good that it coincided with record cold temperatures (-35 to -40C all week) so we didn't need to worry about getting her home from the bus stop because buses were cancelled anyways. We have a follow-up appointment on Friday, but she is now able to walk on it without pain so we should be able to arrange to have her babysitter meet her at the bus with the sled this week as temps are up again. 

I always love seeing my hankerchief pile after laundry day. It's such a small thing that makes me happy. I'm glad to be cutting down our waste slightly and it's so much easier on our noses than kleenex. Financial savings are minute at about 50cents a week, but hey, the other advantages make it worthwhile!

I organized my fabric stash. It was getting overwhelming whenever I opened the cupboard. 

I still have more on hand than I would like, but it feels much more manageable. I think current stash sits at about 120-125 m.  I must go update my inventory list. 

For my sewing plan I'm making a bunch of patterns I haven't made before so I thought I should do some muslins before cutting into my good fabric. So happy to realize that I had just enough of this crappy fabric to get my t-shirt cut out. I'm also so glad I found a purpose for it and it'll be out of my stash!

Same goes for fitting my Rachel dress onto this fabric. Well the dress didn't quite fit, but I had enough to get the top on.  

Top on the fabric. Unfortunately there is still possibly enough to get something out of the remainder, but I'm ready to let it go as

While PapaBird and my eldest were out at baseball I started some meal prepping for the week. I really want to try a new cook book about doing an hour or two of prep on the weekend to make meals quick all week long : Cook Once, Eat all Week . I've got it on hold at the library, but seems it's pretty popular here as I'm #22 in line. If I don't get to a bookstore to look through it soon, I'll just be waiting and checking out her blog to see if my kids would actually eat the recipes.  In the mean time I'm taking inspiration and cooking up a few things to make the week easier. 

Made: Roasted veggies
Big batch of Bran muffins. 


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