Sewing Plan update - I love my dress!

The sewing plan progress has slowed down as I've been working through muslining the new patterns before cutting my good fabric. I'm not sure I love the muslins but I'm glad to have a bit more of the crappy fabric out of my stash and saved some heartbreak with my good fabric.

Before I go into a lengthy post about my process (just kidding, I'll be fairly brief and just show more pictures) here's the final result of the Jalie Rachel dress.

I was pretty nervous to cut up this fabric as I really love it so I did make a muslin first. I'm still trying to figure out my proportions and adjustments to make. I have a longer torso and a slightly lower bust line so I added 1 inch at the upper lengthen line and 1 inch to the hem line. When I made up the muslin I found the twist portion was actually a bit low on me. 

I also realized I didn't love the simple twist in this fabric and wanted to add the ties on the next version. 

I think the lines on the back here might be due to needing a fully tummy adjustment but I'm still hoping to slim down a bit so I haven't currently learnt how to do that.

After making the muslin I decided to go back to the original pattern for the top, removing the inch I added and adding a second one to the hem. I had only bought 1.5 m of this fabric so I didn't have enough to make the sleeved version of the dress, but the fabric is very springy so I'm happy to have a lovely summer dress. And let's be honest I'll still be wearing it with a sweater this winter. It's too cute to wait. 

I definitely like it better with the original tie placement rather than my adjustment above. Only thing I would change is perhaps where the big floral pattern hit my neckline, but that is such a minor detail and I just didn't have enough fabric to really modify that. I only have enough left over to make a couple pairs of underwear. Who doesn't love matching their underwear to their dresses?!? Well not actually something I considered before sewing my own clothes. Or it might end up some sort of accent piece as part of a garment for my daughter.

This is such wonderful soft fabric and the first time I tried sewing double brushed poly. I will definitely use this again! It feels like wearing pyjamas!

It feels nice to have made some progress. I've muslined up the T-shirts and will post about those soon. I hope to sew those up soon. 

Fabric was purchased from Water Tower Textiles Fabric. This was part of my first order from them and I was so happy with all the quality of everything I ordered. I will buy from them again. 


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