Two-Weeks in... We're surviving and it's getting a little better

Our lives have been focused on physical distancing to help flatten the covid-19 pandemic curve for two weeks now. It's been tough. We've all hit our limits at different points. Emotions are running high and little things set us all off now that previously everyone worked through calmly.

The first week trying to balance work and kids at home was intense. I was starting at 6:30 am and finishing up around 4:30 to account for the distractions they bring. PapaBird still was going into the office most days so it was just me at home. It just felt like work never ended, that I was ignoring my kids all day and generally failing at life. Previous to this I felt I had figured our lives out. We knew our routine and life was good. I tried some of the schedules floating round the various mom's groups, hoping it would give us some structure. I threw that out by day 3 after we only followed it for a morning.

Our kid's teachers have been amazing and getting Google Classroom up and running for them. We've had a few video calls with them and I'm so grateful. But reality is I'm not following along much. I've left that to PapaBird to do. I just don't have the mental space to do it. Our kids are strong students and they will likely catch up if they fall behind. Prior to the world shutting down we had parent-teacher interviews and they were both reading about a grade level above where they need to be. They are also only in grade 3 and kindergarden. So I feel I can take the space I need there. Take the pressure off. We'll try to follow, but I'm not going to stress if we are not always on top of things. We both can't work full time, mostly from home and home school. That isn't possible and this is such an exceptional situation I will just treat it as that.

What I have been doing is letting the kids play and pulling out toys usually packed away like the playmobil. I've encouraged them to read a bit. It doesn't always work, but highlights are hearing my daughter read to my youngest Elephant and Piggie books. I do wish I'd grabbed more books when we went to the library just before everything closed though.

I'm starting to feel like I'm finding my rhythm and balance after 2 weeks. I've turned off my alarm in the morning because I need more sleep. I've been exhausted from the stress. Fortunately with finding my rhythm I'm finding my stress levels are decreasing and I have more energy again. With that comes more patience.

After week one I was feeling the need to buy all the junk food so when it was time for grocery shopping I headed to costco and went a bit overboard buying a bunch of treats for us. We desperately needed something to boost morale.

The food has helped and been nice. The Popsicle have been the only motivator I can use to get the kids outside for a walk in the evenings or all day. Bonus is they don't melt with our cold spring (if you can call it that, still below 0C here) days. We don't go out to restaurants often, but I think I'm going to start ordering take out more to help our small local restaurants during this time. It'll also be a nice treat for us to help boost us up. 

Some of the benefits have been having more time to let me bread rise. Fresh bread for sandwiches at lunch has been nice. 

We are taking it day by day. This is crazy new territory.


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