Best PJs Ever - Jalie Jeanne

This was the last pattern that I tested in this pattern release and I think it will become one of my most used! The perfect knit PJs? Um yes! I have three kids so at some point I'll likely be making all the sizes!   

How gorgeous are all the versions on cover ?!? I want to make them all for me!

Yes they only have girls on the cover, but this also works well for boys. This time round I made a pair for my eldest, who if you haven't noticed yet, is a big Harry Potter fan. I had bought this maurader's map fabric last year and had already made him a Nico with for school, but was kind of at a loss of what to use the other 1.5 m I had for. I had intially wanted to make a pair of leggings for me, but this fabric matches my skin colour a bit too closely and would likely look like I was naked. I also worried about one of those burgundy patches hitting me in the most inopportune place. So this fabric has sat in cupboard waiting. 

The maurader's map fabric was fairly expensive at $25/m so I wanted to break it up with some cheaper fabric to keep costs down a bit. I also thought this would be a good chance to break out my cricut machine to do a bit of vinyl work on it. 

I rebuilt this decal from some files I purchased online from Etsy. I had been having trouble with my cricut not cutting through the vinyl completely so I bought a new blade. Well it was definitely much sharper not having been dulled by paper and sliced all the way through the vinyl. Ugh, it's so annoying to waste materials! 

I found a tip online to decrease the pressure and it worked perfectly on the second try. 

I ironed it on before sewing up the shirt as I had enough black fabric to re-cut if necessary, but I didn't want to have to take apart the final shirt. I was limited in the black fabric but could easily get some more. I didn't have quite enough to cut the back out as well so went for the front and cuffs. 

I think my son adores them. Well he wears them every night and it is a challenge to get them off him to wash them. I call that a win for the most part. Thank goodness he's too young to start to smell or I'd be a bit more insistent. In the mean time I love seeing my work appreciated. 

8.5 year old boys are not the most cooperative models, so left with the fit photos he begrudgingly allowed me to take when I finished them. I keep telling him it's the price for me to make him things. 

So these PJs definitely fall in the higher end of pricing due to the specialty fabric, but I love that it allows me to make him something special that he loves.  And like most Jalie patterns this is one that comes together so quickly and looks so RTW (ready to wear). I need to make a pair for me! I do have a thermal underwear shirt planned from the top but I might be short a bit of fabric to make it long sleeved. I better get started before spring is here!


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