Jalie's Has New Patterns! - Here's Bianca

The hardest part about pattern testing has to be the wait till release date! I made this dress for my daughter back in December. Five long months! At least not as long as ZoƩ has been waiting for release. That one I sewed back in September!

Anyways enough blabbing about that. This dress is super cute. I can't wait to try one with the belt. I love the models version on the cover!

So confession here, I only just finished hemming the version I made for my daughter this past weekend. Granted the weather hasn't really allowed her to wear it up to now. 

She helped pick out the fabric for this one and I just wished I'd used contrasting pockets on it for her version. The busy print with the patch pockets is not the best, but it'll stay like that for now and I'll learn for the next version to use some contrasting fabric. Sewing is definitely a journey, I'm getting better at fabric selection and pattern placement, but still have a lot to learn. 

I love the shape of the neckline. It is so flattering. 

It is just such a sweet dress on her. I do hope she'll wear it a lot this summer. I want one now. 

The seam down the front does show off my lack of care to pattern match but I'm ok with it. I was hoping that the print was busy enough that it wouldn't matter, but alas I find it noticeable. It's also likely a sewer thing as most people that don't sew their own clothes won't dwell on it as much. 

But definitely another gem from Jalie. I mean, hello! A dress with pockets. Always a plus. Next one will be better. There will be so many more examples out there to copy get inspired by. 


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