Love at first sight - Jalie Zoé

I've been waiting impatiently for the new Jalie pattern's to be released. I sewed this Zoé version back in September and have been anxiously waiting to share it. I really should have used some of the wait time to sew a version for myself. I even have enough fabric left to make an identical one. Do wonder if the rainbows are a bit juvenile, but I'm getting to the age where I'd rather fun over boring and starting to just embrace what I like. Note these photos were taken beginning of March before swimming lessons were cancelled and our world shut down due to Covid19.

I love the long sleeves and the fact that this suit provides such good sun protection. Any thing that saves me having to slather on sunscreen on kids and then worry if it is wearing off is a win in my books. I also think it keeps her warmer in colder pools having a bit of extra coverage. 

As always with Jalie patterns the fit is spot on. I did a size G with 3 extra inches in length. My kids measure 2 sizes below their age for width, but length is spot on for age. She's now 6, so need the J for length. I think when I made this she was in between sizes, but I added a bit more length so she could wear it a bit longer. Five months later and the fit is perfect so I'm glad I went a tad larger.  There is lots of negative ease so if you want a bit of growth room you'll need to go up a size. That's what I tend to do when not testing. 

I'm just going to take a moment to appreciate the stripe matching with the zipper and pat myself on the back. I was really pleased with this!!

A little less pleased when I realized I forgot about the vertical stripe pattern repeat and doubled up on some colours at the waist. 

Now to finally decide if I make a version for me, or use the new sport bra that came out with this pattern release and a pair of Coras.  hmm decisions. All I need is time. 


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