Yeah new pants - Jalie Renée

Yes, I'll always be gushing about Jalie... I just love their patterns. They just fit so beautifully. I especially love it for my skinny kids. RTW clothing is just so big width wise to get the length they need. When I make them anything I'm usually making things two sizes smaller than RTW and adding about 2 inches to the length.

These pants are no exception but the fit is perfect. 

I added a doubled hem so that they would last for awhile and so far don't need to let it down.  

The back just fits her perfectly! They are such cute pants! I want some for me!!

After she put them on Sunday morning to grab these shots she started parading in front of my mirror going "I love these pants, I look so sporty" I can't help be proud when she gushes over something I made for her. Six year olds can be harsh critics.

I made these is some sort of stretch ponte I found at fabric land on their clearance shelf. I had bought it to muslin up the Jalie City Coat I made last year and the suede texture just seemed like it would be perfect. Great minds think alike as another tester used the same fabric to test these for herself and they also looked fabulous. 

Rainbow top peaking out is a Jalie Nikita that I sewed up for her last year. It is definitely a new favourite and after tonight is destined for the wash. Green hoodie was a test version of Jalie 2795 I still need to make one of those for me!

I hope you guys enjoy the new patterns as much as I have! Can't wait to sew up some of the other versions I didn't test!!!


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