Leggings - check!

Yesterday was a rare day off. Well I'm actually very lucky with my job in that I get every second Friday off, but yesterday was the first in what feels like months that I didn't have any kids with me! Oh a luxuriously selfish me-day! It was wonderful! I met a friend at the gym for a boot camp class (spoiler: I'm sore today!), had coffee with her afterwards, did a Costco shop and then came home to have 3 hours to myself. After making up a bit of time I was lacking from work I was able to sew up the Clara's for my sewing plan.

I've been focusing on adding more colour to my wardrobe this past year and moving away from wearing only blues. These two definitely fit the bill on that one! I also love how well the fabrics coordinate. I cheated on that one though. The lovely ladies at Discovery Trekking fabrics posted a photo in their facebook group showing all the coordinating fabrics so I picked this purple (Yoga stretch Deep Burgundy off that recommendation. I'm so grateful for that as so many times I've failed to get the coordination just right. 

Photo taken from Discovery Trekking fabric's facebook group showing coordinating fabrics DTO post (you'll need to join the group to actually see the post)

I've now made these leggings a couple times and they fit so beautifully. They are now my go-to leggings! 

It is interesting to see how the same pattern reacts to different materials. These are a bit tighter getting on, but feel perfect to wear. I haven't worn many compression type leggings so just a new sensation.

Already planning some Cora's and some sort of workout top with the left overs. Maybe an Anne-Marie, but I don't have that pattern in my stash yet. I've been lusting over it for a couple years though so maybe it's time. I know I would sew it often for my daughter as the dress!

And finally, here is the update of where I am with the sewing plan:

I'm trying to decide my next project, but I think it'll either be the Love Notion's classic Tees or Jalie Rachel. Maybe leaning a bit more to Rachel because I'll be able to wear that to work.


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